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Paintings for sale various subjects, requests considered. All are acrylics On canvas board (18x24)$250 or on canvas paper (9x12)$150 plus shipping and taxes,other sizes available upon request.portraits available from photos.
To be sung to the tune of the "Beverly Hillbillies"
"Lannister's Lament "© Christine Farnham 2012
I am having a hard time editing this on my's a rough draft..

Now this is a story bout the family of a Lord named Tywin,
If you piss him off you'll be eaten by a lion.
He's hard and he's cold,he's rich, and he's mean.
His daughter Cersei is the queen. Of Westros, that is.

Cersei was wed to the King Robert, he was fat and he was
drunk and he was as merry as a hobbit.
He didn't know that Cersei was an incestuous whore,
She screwed her brother Jamie and his 3 children she bore.
Incest that was, Ewwwww. Nasty.

Poor King Robert, he did die, Cersei's monstrous son Jeoffrey
became king by the bye. He was cruel and mean and learned well to lie,
When he married Lady Margery, someone poisoned his pie.
I'd bet a silver stag only Cersei really cried.
Jaime lost his hand but Cersei lost four, when her Nuncle Kevan came,
she wasn't regent anymore. Good thing that was.Poor Westros.

Cersei got gaoled by the septas, cuz she liked to screw,
not only Jaime,but her cousin Lancel too,
And that's a fact, she might have screwed Moonboy and a few Kettleblacks.
She accused Queen Margery of doing the same,
She was plotting, scheming, lying, she was playing the game,
Of thrones, that is.
She was accused of murder as was Tyrion too.
Tyrion shot Tywin while he was sitting on the Loo.
The Lannisters were as powerful as they are rich,
But the power died with Tywin, And Cersei will always be a b*itch.
Cersei took the kingdom and turned it on its head,
Maybe Arya Stark will return to kill her dead...

This song isn't "Rains of Castemeres)"

Renley and Loras were possibly queers...
The rest of the story I'll finish in time, until then,
hope you enjoyed my little rhyme.